Do you need “The Voice” for your radio station, may it be terrestrial or internet? maybe you’re looking for that “Voice” for your mixtape or drops for the next gig. Maybe you are looking for the voice for your IVRs, website videos, advert, podcast?

PaulProductions delivers great quality audio and we do it fast!

I’m Paul and this is PaulProductions. PaulProductions is your choice for voice and audio production that cuts through all the clutter. I have been in the broadcast industry for more than 10 years. In those years, i have managed to do imaging for various radio stations.

I have also voiced and produced adverts, promos, podcast intros, dj drops and just about anything that needed a voice and production. Every production and VO are tailor-fit to the sound you want that is why I work closely with you so you can achieve the best sounding production.

Feel free to contact me anytime for any queries and I’ll respond to you back as soon as I can.